Priest Hole (2024)

‘It was on the third day that the eerie wailing was heard.’ 

Spring 2020 finds Rev. Jeremy Swanson and his four children house-sitting for a friend in Cornwall, leaving Jeremy’s wife Liz behind in Oxford. As Lockdown restrictions ease, they get to know the inhabitants of an ancient manor house, Tresayne, where tragic and long-buried secrets are beginning to surface. A study of Tresayne family history sheds some light on these, but it is the coming of an abused teenager seeking help that acts as a catalyst for ensuing events. 

This is the third in the series of Jeremy Swanson mysteries, a tale of a dysfunctional family thrust into close companionship during Lockdown, and forced to confront not only their own secrets, but those of their ancestors, as the diary of a clergyman living in the house during the First World War reveals. In doing so they must find the priest hole, sealed and long forgotten, and confront the horrors perpetrated there long ago.


‘An atmospheric mystery,’ QUAD magazine

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