Mel and the Cornish miners (2023)

Eleven-year-old Mel lives in a Victorian townhouse in a big city, where sometimes she seems to see the ghosts of those who lived there long ago. She dreams of owning her own pony, and when her brother Maxi’s asthma becomes worse, Mel’s parents take him to live in Cornwall for three months. In Cornwall Mel finds her dream pony, who leads her on an adventure through time to an era when the bleak wastes of Bodmin Moor were dotted with engine houses, whyms and stamps, and new villages were springing up to house those who worked the mines. 

This story is not only an exciting tale for pre-teen girls who love ponies but a dip into history, as Mel and her pony Piskie time-travel back to Cornwall in the 1870s, when children worked in the mines, and went on strike for more pay.

Mel and the Cornish Miners  is the first of a projected series of children’s/youth novels about Mel and her time-travelling pony.

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