Beauty for Ashes (2007)

‘Luke stirred the ashes of the bonfire with his toe. Ashes. What had Connie said? A hurt can become a tragedy which burns up your life. But beyond there is a beauty that you can’t dream of yet. He longed for that beauty with all his heart. But he didn’t know how to find it.’

The lives of five friends become entangled in Hollywood actor Luke Carson’s search for happiness beyond the tragedy of his break-up from his English girlfriend Samantha. For each of them, their involvement with Luke’s emotional roller-coaster ride threatens not only their relationship with him, but also personal disaster.


This… epic love story with several intriguing sub plots … keeps the reader glued to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of love that will not die and the turmoil of friends who are there for each other despite all that happens to rip them apart.
Anne Ireland,

Beauty For Ashes was a great summer read of the complexities of relationships in a 21st century setting.  The characters draw your interest from the beginning.  When the story ends you are left imagining what will happen next.
Gwen Gross

Published in the USA as an e-book by Wings e-Press 2007. See for more details.

The book is available in paperback or as a Kindle edition from Amazon.

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